Physics of Muons and Neutrons

Yoshitaka Kuno
Osaka University


Elemental particle physics is known to have three frontiers, which are the energy frontier, the cosmic frontier and the intensity frontier. In the intensity frontier, by using precision measurements, we try to search for new physics beyond the standard model. To make precision measurements, muons and neutrons have attracted much attentions. Muons have a relatively long lifetime among unstable elementary particles and many many muons can be produced by recent technology development. Neutrons are stable and can be decelerated to very low energy even they have a neutral charge. In this lecture, I would like to present the frontier particle physics topics with muons and neutrons. They would cover a search for charged lepton flavor violation (CLFV) with muons,  searches for permanent electric dipole moments of muons and neutrons, and so on. Also I would mention some applications of muons and neutrons to general science as well.



Short Bio

Yoshitaka Kuno is a full professor at Osaka University. He graduated from the University of Tokyo with his PhD subject of nuclear muon capture. And then he started rare kaon experiments at Brookhaven National Laboratory (BNL), as a research associate and later a tenure research scientist at TRIUMF, Canada. Then he moved to KEK as an associate professor, carrying out an experiment to search for violation of the fundamental symmetry with the use of kaons at the KEK 12 GeV proton synchrotron. In 2000 he moved to Osaka University as a full professor. His current interest is a study of charged lepton flavor violation (CLFV) with muons. In particular he is enthusiastically putting forward the COMET project which is to search for CLFV process of a muon to electron conversion in a muonic atom at J-PARC with four orders of magnitude improvement over the past.


Experimental Particle Physics, Kuno Group (Osaka University)