Probing origin of matter with high intensity hadron beams



What is the origin of matter? You can decompose any kind of matter into elementary particles, quarks. Now we have building blocks, however still no one knows exactly how to construct any composite particle made of quarks, even a minimum one, hadron. One way to approach the problem is to study “exotic ” hadrons and/or hadron properties in extreme conditions. Various experiments to investigate the problem with hadron beams are now performed at J-PARC Hadron Facility. Beam particles are separated from others using static electric fields. It is key to reduce backgrounds and ensure a production of wanted particles in a specific reaction. A combination of particle identification counters is necessary to trigger desirable events, since several kinds of hadrons like pions, kaons, protons and/or anti-protons are produced in the reaction. Selective experiments and typical experimental technologies are introduced.



Short Bio
成木 恵(NARUKI Megumi)