Introduction to particle detectors

Hiroyasu Tajima
(Nagoya University)


This course provides overview of basics for particle detector to help further undersating of more complex particle detectors described by other lectures. Starting from the review of basic particle interactions such as ionizations, radiations and photon interactions, I will describe basic operation principles of various detector technologies including scintillation detectors, photon sensors, Cherenkov detectors, gaseous detectors, noble liquid detectors, semiconductor detectors, Compton detectors, bolometers and micro-calorimeters. If I have time left, I will cover basics for signal processing of particle detectors.


Short Bio :

Hiroyasu (Hiro) Tajima is Professor of Physics at Solar-Terrestrial Environment Laboratory, Nagoya University. Before coming to Nagoya University, Tajima spent five years working for UC Santa Barbara working on CLEO experiment at Cornell University, another five years at University of Tokyo serving the project manager for the Silicon Vertex Detector system in the Belle experiment at KEK, Japan, followed by 10 years at SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory taking charge in test, calibrations and operation of the Tracker subsystem in the NASA Fermi satellite launched in 2008. He is currently the Principal Investigator of the Soft Gamma-ray Detector onboard JAXA ASTRO-H mission to be launched in 2015. >