March 12 - 22, 2013


Campus Map

Tsukuba Campus Map

A05 KEKB Nikko Lab.
C01 Visitors Corner (KEKB)
C05 KEKB Tsukuba Lab.
E21 Radioisotope Lab.
E25 Superconducting RF Test Facility
E27 PS North Experiment Hall
E29 Accelerator Test Facility
G07 KEKB Fuji Lab.
G12 KEKB Control Bldg.
G16 PF-AR South Lab.
G18 PF-AR East Lab.
G20 PF-AR North East Lab.
G23 PF-AR North Lab.
G24 PF-AR North West Lab.
G26 PF-AR West Lab.
H01 Electron Linac Control Bldg.
H02 Electron Linac
H04 PF Light Source Bldg.
H05 PF Main Bldg.
H07 PF Lab.
I10 PS East Exp. Hall
I15 Advanced Instrumentation Lab.(1)
I15a Health Service
I17 Advanced Instrumentation Lab.(2)
J02 KEKB Oho Lab.
K01 Ichi-Go-Kan Bldg.
K02 Ni-Go-Kan Bldg.
K03 San-Go-Kan Bldg.
K14 Proton Beam Application Bldg.
K23 PS North Lab.
K24 PS Lab.
K26 Structural Biology Bldg.
L01 Administration Bldg.
L05, 07, 08, 10 Cryogenics Bldg.
L13-15 Machine Shop Bldg.

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M01 Kenkyu Honkan Bldg. 
M02 Yon-Go-Kan Bldg.
M03 Cryogenics and Vacuum Lab.
M04 Radiation Contol
M05 Chemistry Lab.
N01 Information / EmergencyCenter
N02 KEK International Center /
Users Office · Public Relations Office / Cafe Prime
N03, 06 Computer North Bldg. / South Bldg.
N04 Cafeteria
N07 Employee's Center
N08-10, 12-13 Dormitory
N14-16 Guest House
N17 Gymnasium




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Plenary lectures are coming on the Air!
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*Poster session appears in schedule. *Participants list becomes available.

Event Schedule;
March 11 16:00-19:00 Registration
March 11 18:00- Reception
March 16 18:30- Poster session
March 16 19:30- Banquet
March 22 18:30- Closing ceremony




Important Dates:

  • Event dates:March 12-22, 2013
  • Participant selection: End of Dec, 2012
  • Application Deadline: Nov. 30, 2012